AlBayrak Co. For Foodstuff Industry.
Licorice Products and Natural, medical Herbs trading industry.

   Our experience in licorice products industry has been inherited from our ancestors. Our father Mr. Ramzy Al bayrkdar has built a modern factory in 1946 and we took the responsibility to develop, modernize this carrier to our objective in achieving the best quality products for our end user's appreciation & full satisfaction.

Our Products:

1- Licorice:
With Trade Marks:† 1- ALBAYRAK†††††† 2- RAMZY

-Crushed (milled) licorice roots.
-Licorice tea bags.
-Licorice instant drink.
-Licorice powder.
-Licorice sticks and slices.
-Licorice pastilles.
All our products are 100% natural with excellent quality.

2- Natural and medical herbs:

Trading most of natural and medical herbs:
- Laurel , Garden sage , Thyme in all kinds , Saffron , Willow , Anise ,Balm leaves , Chamomile and many other natural herbs.

3- Grains and legumes:

†Pea , Beans , Lentils....

4- Food:

Tamarind , Qamar El Din (dried apricot extract) , Jam , apple vinegar ,ketchup, tomato extract and other Foods.


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N.B: we guarantee out products which produced by ; Haytham Ramzy Albayrakdar under trade mark:
1- Ramzy
2- Albayrak

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